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OHAM: Marian McPartland on Ellington


Marian McPartland,

Merrick, NY

Talking by phone to Janice Okoomian,

Wayland, MA

November 27, 1982


Tape A:                                                                                                                                  p. 1

Family musical background‑‑musical training‑‑violin lessons‑‑Guildhall School of Music‑‑listening to Duke Ellington and other pianists‑‑playing solo vs. with small and large ensembles‑‑playing for college audiences‑-playing live and recording‑‑playing classical concerts‑‑preparation at Guildhall School of Music‑‑composition‑‑production‑‑the Halcyon label‑promoting and managing‑‑ other parts of her life‑‑"concert artist" vs. jazz musician.

Tape B:                                                                                                                                  p. 11

The term "woman musician"‑‑Jimmy McPartland‑‑working at the Hickory House‑‑ playing with younger musicians‑‑putting together an all‑woman group for the Today show‑‑Now's the Time‑‑differences in playing between men and women‑‑ encouragement of women musicians‑‑jazz and politics‑Lil Armstrong‑‑future of jazz‑‑definition of jazz.

Marian McPartland

Talking with Janice Okoomian

By Telephone

August 6, 1983

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Tape c:                                                                                                                                   P. 18

Becoming a musician‑‑joining Billy Mayerl‑‑listening to Duke Ellington records‑‑meeting Duke Ellington‑‑playing at the Hickory House‑‑Duke's steaks‑‑"Night Creature"‑‑"Lush Life"‑‑Joe Morgen‑‑ sitting in with Duke‑playing with Duke in 1973‑‑the NEA Jazz Advisory Panel‑‑composing‑‑Musak‑improvising a composition‑‑radio shows‑‑Dudley Moore‑‑Peggy Lee.

Tape d:                                                                                                                                  p. 29

Comparing the musician's life in the US and Europe‑‑Duke's recognition‑jazz musicians in Europe‑‑remembering Duke.