Yale University Library


OHAM: Marion Logan on Ellington


Marion Logan

with Sonia Rosario

New York City

February 27, 1978


Meeting Duke Ellington‑‑first impressions of Ellington‑‑Dr. Logan becoming Duke's doctor‑‑friendship with Ellingtons‑‑Dr. Logan's death‑-Duke's forecasting of his own death‑‑deaths of other band members‑-Dr. Logan's death and Ruth and Mercer's keeping that from Ellington‑-Duke's desire to avoid pain and trouble‑‑Duke's love of touring and traveling‑‑Logan Memorial Hospital office‑‑Ellington's contribution to the black movement‑‑Martin Luther King, Jr. and the black movement‑-Duke's use of his music to speak out‑‑honorary degrees for Ellington and recognition from his high school‑‑article about Dr. Logan‑‑Dr. Logan's death‑‑working for blacks‑‑introducing Duke Ellington to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.‑‑Ellington's interest in King and the black movement‑‑involvement with Ellington family‑‑birthday present for Duke‑‑Strayhorn‑‑Cotton Club and Harlem‑‑going to New York City beginning singing.