Yale University Library


OHAM: Maurice Banks on Ellington


Maurice Banks

Talking with Mark Tucker

Washington, D.C.

September 29, 1983


Tape A:                                                                                                                                  Pg. 1

Knowing Ruth Ellington‑‑his grandfather knowing J.E.‑‑Harry Grant‑‑Alice Grant Spragens‑‑Henry Grant's house‑‑Edna Ellington‑‑Henry Lecher‑‑going to the store for Edna‑‑hearing Duke at the Howard‑‑Duke in England in 1933‑-going to the store for Edna‑‑Ernest Amos, the music teacher at Armstrong‑-Charlie Rouse‑‑Jimmy McPhail‑‑Armstrong High School‑‑Henry "Papa" Grant‑-Mary Europe and James Reese Europe‑‑Ewell Conway‑‑Tallie Holmes‑‑Cato Adams‑-Duke's feelings for Washington‑‑Duke's birthplace‑‑meeting Duke for the first time‑‑Duke's Uncle George‑‑going to hear the band in New York‑‑Duke and Edna's agreement‑‑Freddie Washington (Lawrence Brown's wife)‑‑Edna Ellington‑‑Toby Hardwicke‑‑Duke learning to read music‑‑the Duke Ellington Club‑‑Juan Tizol at the Howard Theatre‑‑the Howard Theatre.

Tape B:                                                                                                                                  Pg. 19

Lewis Brown‑‑traveling with the band‑‑riding on the bus‑‑Tom Whaley‑‑Duke's Chrysler Imperial‑‑the seating arrangements on the bus‑‑the activities on the bus‑‑Cat Anderson and his two horns‑‑Tony Watkins‑‑rehearsals‑‑the First Sacred Concert‑‑sitting on the bandstand‑-Duke on the one‑nighters‑‑the medley‑‑"Laura"‑‑"Boodah"‑‑Billy Strayhorn‑‑Charlie Mingus‑‑Norris Turney‑-Lawrence Brown and "Sylvia"‑‑Harold Ashby's music for "Perdido" with Barney Bigard's name on it‑‑improvising the solos‑‑"Mood Indogo"‑‑Johnny Hodges‑-"Tricky” Sam Nanton‑‑hearing Duke in the early 70's‑‑Paul Gonsalves and Ben Webster‑‑Sonny Greer‑‑Toby Hardwicke‑‑being on the road.