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OHAM: Mercer Cook on Ellington



ELLINGTON PROJECT                                                                                                                               586 a,b

Mercer Cook
with Mark Tucker
Silver Spring, Md.
May 31, 1984


SIDE A: (pp.1-17)

diplomatic appointments in Africa--organization of the Festival of Negro Arts--Alioune Diop, Leopold Senghor--First World Conference of Negro Arts--participants in addition to Ellington chosen for the Festival--exhibition of crafts--Papa Tall--Ellington orchestra playing at the Embassy--collaboration between Ellington and Langston Hughes--"Heart of Harlem"--Senghor's knowledge of Ellington's music--Ailey troupe's use of Ellington music--time spent with Ellington during Festival.

SIDE B: (pp. 18-25)

Ellington's invitation to visit nightclub--Ellington performances in Senegal--"La Plus Belle Senegalese"--recording issued from Festival--Johnny Hodges anecdote.