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OHAM: Nat Hentoff on Ellington


Nat Hentoff

Talking with:

American Studies Class

New Haven, CT.

February 28, 1978


Tape A:                                                                                                                      p.1

Why Duke was unique‑‑the 40s band‑‑Duke in the recording sessions‑‑"Harlem Suite" on "The Sound of Jazz" TV show‑‑the fraternal feeling in the band‑-Billy Strayhorn‑‑Duke's response to critics‑‑Duke avoiding unpleasantness‑-Duke's stand on Civil Rights‑‑Hentoff's background‑‑Duke's influence‑-Duke at Grambling College‑‑jazz musicians and writers‑‑interviewing jazz musicians‑‑ "Hear Me Talking to Ya"‑‑Ellington's opinion of bop‑‑the role of the critics.

Tape B:                                                                                                                      p.20


Various jazz critics‑‑the non‑musician critic--judging jazz by classical standards‑‑symphonic jazz‑‑commissions‑‑the new jazz‑‑black music vs. jazz‑-the popularity of jazz‑‑functional music.