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OHAM: Norris Turney on Ellington


Norris Turney

with Valerie Archer

New York, NY.

February 28, 1978

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Mercer's tour of Europe and U.S.‑‑music played on that tour: including Three Black Kings, The River, Liberian Suite‑‑‑personnel on the tour‑-Harold Ashby‑‑Aaron Bell‑‑Sonny Greer‑‑Turney's early music education in and around Ohio‑‑first working experience‑‑first plays with Fate Marable‑‑jazz records‑‑big bands: Basie, Henderson, Ellington‑‑playing with Piller's Orchestra‑‑Tiny Bradshaw‑‑listening to Johnny Hodges‑-Willie Smith‑‑Jimmie Lunceford's band‑‑Billy Eckstine's band‑‑Navarro, Ammons, Davis‑‑Art Blakey‑‑‑clarinet playing‑‑Benny Goodman‑‑returns to Ohio from New York‑‑plays with Ray Charles‑‑playing tenor sax‑-rock gigs‑‑Bull Moose Jackson‑‑Machito's band‑‑Dizzy Gillespie‑‑studying flute‑‑The Boys from Dayton‑‑Snooky Young‑‑‑Frank Wess‑‑playing flute with Ellington‑‑Joe Morgan‑‑joining Ellington's band (replacing Hodges) acceptance by the band‑‑Benny Green‑‑changing make‑up of the section‑-albums recorded with Duke: Seventieth Birthday, Togo Brava Suite, New Orleans Suite, Afro‑Eurasian Eclipse‑‑HowardMcGhee‑‑Cookin' Time‑-Hodges's death‑‑Sy Oliver‑‑The Intimate Ellington‑‑Duke's recording habits‑‑Checkered Hat

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Recordings with Ellington‑‑Ellington's sound‑‑music Ellington will be remembered for‑‑Mercer's band‑‑audiences' reaction to jazz in Europe‑‑Ellington's tour of Russia‑‑television appearances with Ellington‑‑working with Ellington and the band‑‑flute solos‑‑leaving the band.