Yale University Library


OHAM: Randy Weston on Ellington


Randy Weston

With: Valerie Archer

New York, New York

January 15, 1980


Tape A:                                                                                                                      p. 1


Stephanie Barber‑‑The Music Inn‑‑Mac Beth‑‑meeting Duke‑‑the orchestra's arrangements‑‑Duke as pianist‑‑Duke's band‑‑using African rhythms‑‑Duke and Monk as influences‑‑Coleman Hawkins‑‑ Theolonius Monk‑‑early musical career‑‑Black music‑‑ballrooms and African traditional music‑‑ Duke and Charlie Parker as prophets‑‑Duke as a teacher‑‑Duke's dignity‑‑ Duke's record label‑‑ playing for Duke‑‑the NY music scene in the early 60s‑losing black musicians to alcohol and heroin.

Tape B:                                                                                                                       p. 17

Living in Morocco‑‑Ellington spread to the children‑‑African music—“playing by ear"‑‑Montreux '74‑‑big band‑‑"Uhuru Africa"‑‑Jimmy Woode‑-members of the band‑‑sitting in with Duke‑‑ talking with Duke‑‑summing up Ellington.