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OHAM: Robert Conaway on Ellington


ELLINGTON PROJECT                                                                                                                  591 a

Robert Conaway
with Harriett Milnes
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
August 24, 1984


Side a: (pp. 1-24)

first meeting with Strayhorn--musical Fantastic Rhythm--Strayhorn's first meeting with Duke Ellington at Stanley Theatre--arranging for Ellington-- offer of job from Ellington--lyrics from Fantastic Rhythm--marrying Strayhorn's sister--Conaway plays several Strayhorn melodies and others--discussion of Ellington sty1e--possibility of Strayhorn concerto--Daydreams, Bloodcount, Satin Doll--Strayhorn's occasional playing with Ellington band--not travelling with Ellington band--Strayhorn musical studies at Pittsburgh Musical Institute--Pittsburgh musicians:--Earl Hines, Billy Eckstine, Errol Garner--Strayhorn never played in clubs--being multi-mi11ionaire--helping his family--similarity of Ellington and Strayhorn styles--Strayhorn's early piano lessons--Pittsburgh's treatment of Strayhorn--induction into National Song Writers' Hall of Fame--Strayhorn's father--collaboration with Ellington on songs--Strayhorn lyrics--generosity with money ..