Yale University Library


OHAM: Ruth Ellington on Ellington


Ruth Ellington

with Vivian Perlis

750 Park Ave.

New York, New York

November 11, 1977


TAPE A:                                                                                                                                 Pg. 1

Ruth's residence‑‑Duke's trophies‑‑Sacred Concerts‑‑Duke's religious beliefs‑­

Ruth's religious beliefs‑‑family expectations‑‑family loyalty‑‑Duke's writing

of lyrics and thoughts‑‑Duke's article in Guideposts‑‑Mother's death‑‑Ruth

and Duke's dislike of drugs and alcohol‑‑Ruth's working in N.Y.C.‑‑Duke's

physical state and doctors‑‑Duke's famous eating stories‑‑research into Duke's early

years‑‑Mother‑‑the nickname 'Duke'‑‑Father's jobs‑‑Ruth's memories of Duke‑­

Duke's marriage‑‑their cousins‑‑Ruth's move to N.Y.C. and schooling‑‑Duke's

scholarship for commercial art‑‑comments on family resentment.

TAPE B:                                                                                                                                 Pg. 20

Comments on Ellington research‑‑Alvin Ailey and The River‑‑Shakespeare Suite‑ operetta, Queenie Pie‑‑"Beggar's Holiday"‑‑"Pousse Cafe”‑‑Johnny Hodges‑ Harry Carney‑‑Cootie Williams‑‑Duke's piano‑‑Ruth's musical study‑‑Ruth's biology study‑‑Mrs. Clinkscales‑‑Sonny Greer‑‑Toby Hardwick‑‑Freddy Guy‑‑The Washingtonians‑‑parents' lack of prejudice‑‑Grandparents‑‑parents, music making‑‑life in N.Y..C.‑‑Duke's wife‑‑Mercer‑‑Duke's separation‑‑radio programs, Norman Brockenshire, Ted Husing‑‑Dollar Brand‑‑George Wein‑‑Randy Weston‑‑John Wilson‑‑Cotton Club‑‑Toby Hardwick‑‑Sonny Ellington‑‑Harry Carney‑‑Ruth and Duke's temperaments‑‑Ruth's marriage‑‑Tempo Music.