Yale University Library


OHAM: Stanley Dance on Ellington


Stanley Dance

Talking to American Studies 430

With: Vivian Perlis

New Haven, CT

November 22, 1977


Tape a:                                                                                                                       P. 1

Chuck Connors‑‑disagreement with publishers about publishing lists of data‑‑ interviewing the wives‑‑Cecil Irwin (Earl Hines' arranger)‑-Joe Morgen‑‑Cress Courtney‑‑Dress clippings‑‑financial problems in 1967‑‑Tom Whaley‑‑ Ellington's charm and shrewdness‑‑Derek Jewell‑-Mercer Ellington‑‑Johnny Hodges & John Hammond‑‑Norman Granz‑-Sonny Greer‑‑Paul Gonsalves‑‑financial difficulties‑‑rating the bands.

Tape b:                                                                                                                      P. 15

Duke as pianist‑‑Dance's  background‑‑Ellington in England‑-writing a book using a tape recorder‑‑Tommy Flanagan ‑‑relationship between dance and jazz‑‑Duke's influences‑‑opinions of other big bands‑‑Irving Mills‑‑writing "Music is My Mistress"‑‑"Black, Brown and Beige"‑rehearsals‑‑brass section‑‑ manuscripts.

Tape c:                                                                                                                       P. 28

"Three Black Kings "‑‑"Queenie Pie"‑‑Mercer's band‑‑Al Sears‑‑ Paul Gonsalves‑‑adding new members‑‑pay scales‑‑sources for oral history interviews‑‑Smithsonian interviews.