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OHAM: Tally Beatty on Ellington




#566 Acquisition

Not Transcribed

Tally Beatty

Speaking at The Duke Ellington Society

New York, New York

April 27, 1981




Tape A:


Introduction--"Jump for Joy" in Florida--Katherine Dunham--knowing Duke and Billy--making a "soundie" to "Flamingo"--choreographing "Black, Brown and Beige"--"The Road of the Phoebe Snow" ("Anatomy of a Murder", "A Drum Is a Woman")--Katherine Dunham--"Cabin in the Sky"--the second "Jump for Joy"--"The Road of the Phoebe Snow"-description of ballet--the 92nd Street Y"--"My People"--"A Drum Is a Woman"--"Work Dance"--working with Duke--Alvin Ailey's company.


Tape B:


Two groups dancing simultaneously--lighting the stage--publicity and payment-­credits--Bunny Briggs--"David Danced Before the Lord With All His Might"-­concert at Carnegie Hall--Billy Strayhorn--group of artists--dancing to live music--Duke's family--manuscripts--teaching a dance--virtuoso tradition in dance--Billy Strayhorn--seeing Strayhorn for the last time--seeing Duke for the last time--Elma Lewis--"Jump for Joy"--Paul Gonsalves and Cat Anderson--dancing a trio in "Jump for Joy"--other choreographers and dancers--Eartha Kitt--Haitian dancers--choreographing Duke's music--Alvin Ailey--"The River".