Yale University Library


OHAM: Arthur Mendel on Hindemith


Arthur Mendel

with Caitriona Bolster

Firestone Library

Princeton, New Jersey

April 21, 1976



Cassette Side a:                                                                                            pp. 1-23

First acquaintance with Hindemith and his music--translation of The Craft of Musical Composition--anecdote: Hindemith's attitude toward Bruce Simonds--translation, continued--preparing Hindemith's music for publication by AMP--remarks about Hindemith's personality--Hindemith's involvement in Mendel's performance of St. John--Collegium Musicum at Yale--Hindemith as interpreter of early music--opinions of various works, especially Symphonic Metamorphosis--Mrs. Hindemith.

Cassette Side b:                                                                                           pp. 23-43

Stravinsky and Hindemith, quite different characters--Hindemith's attitudes toward performers, especially conductors--Hindemith as a conductor--50th birthday celebration at Juilliard--Ludus Tonalis--Requiem, Robert Shaw--Hindemith's facility as composer--Frau Musica--more on Mrs. Hindemith--more on Hindemith's personality.

Cassette Side c:                                                                                            pp. 43-50


A Composer's World--Traditional Harmony, Book II--Hindemith's book on Bach--Hindemith's attitudes toward earlier composers, 20th century composers, himself--anecdote: Symphonia Serena--conclusion: Hindemith's musicianship.