Yale University Library


OHAM: Bruce and Rosalind Simonds on Hindemith


HINDEMITH PROJECT                                         Interview 30/52

Bruce and Rosalind Simonds

with Caitriona Bolster

15 Deepwood Drive

Hamden, Ct.

April 22, 1976


Tape A                                                                                                                       (pp. 1—37)

His early quartet--performance at Jonathan Edwards College--Mrs. Henry Ten Eyck Perry as a possible reference--lectures in Sprague Hall--personality--B. Simonds’ recording of Ludus Tonalis and the two piano sonatas at Juilliard anniversary concert--the Collegium--R. Simonds’ respect for his music--his attitude towards performance--his scores--oboe sonata--Mr. Kirkpatrick--memorial service at Jonathan Edwards--trombone sonata--two piano sonatas--B. Simonds’ performance of the third sonata--performances of viola sonata opus 11 # 4--his keyboard writing-- ability to write well for any instrument--Ludus as a teaching piece--his piano works--book illustrated for Mrs. Hindemith--his skill as a draftsman--the Howland Prize--anecdote about Sinfonia Serena--handling academic duties--the curriculum-- students’ lack of preparation--the Collegium--personality--rehearsals--as a conductor--his vitality--his reputation as a composer--his major works--Simonds’ performance of Ludus in Princeton--the piano concerto--anniversary quartet--Simonds’ last visit with him--anecdotes about a faculty party.

Tape B                                                                                                                        (pp. 38—52)

the farewell party--his passion for trains--homes in New Haven--the Hindemiths’ religious differences--anecdote about Mrs. Hindemith and the clock--concentration while composing--Mrs. Hindemith’s miscarriage--friendship between Hindemiths and Donovans--Marienleben--Ludus_Tonalis--Orrea Pernel--popularity with students--as a teacher.