Yale University Library


OHAM: Edmund Saranec on Hindemith


Edmund Saranec

with Caitriona Bolster

Whitney Avenue

New Haven, Ct.

March 17, 1975

Table of Contents

Tape a                                                                                                            (pp. 1-15)

Dates of Saranec’s studies with Hindemith--classes in Sprague--use of mimeographed copies in class before Traditional Harmony was published--gift of autographed copy to Saranec--personality--physical description--facility at score reading--facility with many instruments--composition class--pictures of the class taken at Sprague and on picnics--ear training classes--solfeggio book--hanging out at “George and Harry's “--as the life of the party--as a teacher who is always in command--request that Saranec explain accordion notation and registrations--piece for two harps, tuba, and harmonium--Saranec plays the accordion for a party at Hindemith’s house--photographs of Yale students and faculty at the party--Easley Blackwood as a reference--encouraging Joe Iadone to play the lute--as a conductor--the Collegium--references to different text books and treatises in class, including Boemetzreider--facility with languages--as a knowledgeable person--Mrs. Hindemith as a member of the choir of St. Thomas More--conversion to catholicism before his death according to Saranec--Mrs. Hindemith’s studies in the French departmenr--Saranec’s collections of news clippings and old programs--Saranec ‘s respect for Mathis der Maler and Ludus Tonalis--description of the pictures--Christmas cards--identities of the people in the pictures--article on his death--popularity of the accordion--letters to Saranec about the accordion.

Tape b                                                                                                           (pp. 15-20)

Mimeographed sheets used in class--text books based on these mimeographs--Saranec’s decision to go into business--last meeting with Saranec in 1958--feeling neglected by America--love for Switzerland--Mrs. Hindemith’s personality--Mrs. Hindemith as a singer--friendship with Ward Davenny--as a violist--facility with stringed instruments.