Yale University Library


OHAM: Eva J. O'Meara on Hindemith


Eva J. O’Meara

with Caitriona Bolster

Yale Music Library

Yale University

New Haven, CT.

February 1,1973



Table of Contents


Side a                                                                                                              (pp. 1—9)

Concern about Mrs. Hindemith being able to leave Germany-- "apprentice" system at Yale-- relationship with students-- personality traits-- transcriptions for Collegium concerts-- anecdotes about two summer students-- confirmation description-- Mrs. Hindemith’s conversion to Catholicism-- Hindemith remaining Protestant-- Mass-- as craftsperson-- growing up in the orchestra-- view of conducting and soloing-- ability to play many instruments-- wide variety of interests and skills-- German,English,Latin, and Turkish-- interest in the people around him-- views of Schoenberg,Stravinsky-- relationship with Schrade-- loyalty to Yale-- students, Lukas Foss, Violet Archer, Y. Rolinson

Side b                                                                                                              (pp. 9—13)

Working on performances of his music with Frank Bozyan, Bruce Simonds-- Luther Noss as curator of the Hindemith Archives-- Boatwright’s Hindemith seminary in Switzerland-- performances of orchestral work in New Haven-- difficulty with Koussevitzky-- love of parties-- Hindemith Collection at Yale Library-- Ludus Tonalis-- The Four Temperaments-- Mrs. Hindemith’s help at keeping Hindemith focused on composing-- anecdote about lawn-- as an apolitical German-- farming in Switzerland-- Howland Prize