Yale University Library


OHAM: Goddard Lieberson on Hindemith


Goddard Lieberson

with Vivian Perils


New York, New York

April 10, 1975



Table of Contents


Side a                                                                                                              (pp. 1—13)

Interview with Lieberson in the Blue Ribbon Cafe upon arrival in the USA-- last visit with Lieberson two years before his death-- performance of Cardillac in Santa Fe-- Lieberson’s affection for Mrs. Hindemith-- book that contained a collection of all the wrong spellings of his name-- photo sent to Lieberson-- Lieberson’s opinion of his music-- Mrs. Lieberson performs Hérodiade in the 1950’s-- love for opera-- lack of talent for theatrical composing-- possibility of collaborating with Lieberson on an opera-- spooky occurrence before his death, following a performance of the Thornton Wilder opera-- Lieberson’ s attempt to communicate with Mrs. Hindemith after her husband’s death-- as a craftsperson-- Christmas cards-- dinner in a famous restaurant in Taos-- Mrs. Hindemith as a protective wife-- Mrs. Hindemith’s personality-- his satisfaction with Lieberson’ s article-- hatred for the Nazis-- Mrs. Hindernith’s Catholicism-- discussions with Lieberson about his music-- relationship with Stravinsky-- as a very busy person-- Collegium concert at the Museum of Modern Art-- as a violist-- Lieberson’s love for Hin und Züruck-- as a very skillful and humorous composer-- in comparison to Lewis Carroll-- as a fun-loving person-- differences between students’ perspective and Lieberson’s-- friendships at Yale-- his position in music-- The Metamorphosis-- popularity of Mathis der Maler-- Lieberson’s speculations about the future of his music-- large repertoire of playable chamber music-- description of the Hindemith Project.