Yale University Library


OHAM: Herbert Fromm on Hindemith


HINDEMITH PROJECT                                          30/75

Herbert Fromm

with Caitriona Bolster

100 Marion Street

Brookline, Massachusetts

January 5, 1977


Cassette A

First contract with Hindemith in Buffalo--class for musicians--Robert Nern--call to Yale--faculty at Tanglewood, summer 1940--Koussevitzky--becoming friends with Hindemith in Buffalo--letter with suggestions on Hindemith's counterpoint book--Lukas Foss--German folk songs--plans for Maine vacation--organ sonata--exercises in three-part counterpoint--1941 class--Norman Dello Joio--Hindemith's rare praise--summer class by the lake--Ulysses Kay--Dorothy Maynard--Hinde-mith as friend--explanations of Mathis--composing as a craft--Hindemith as craftsman and practical musician--Hindemith playing Bach on the viola--modesty of Hindemith about his accomplishments--Fromm as admirer of Hindemith--singing and playing of instruments by Hindemith's students--Fromm's synagogue service--Hindemith Christmas cards--Schoenberg--the newspaper hacks--Fromm's book Seven Pockets--newspaper account of Hindemith's last concert--contact with Hindemith, 1941-53--Fromm's move to Boston--Fromm's position at Temple Israel--Fromm's retirement--influence of Hindemith on Fromm's style-- importance of Hindemith's musical logic--text setting--excercises in counterpoint--early months in Buffalo--tremendous energy of Hindemith--walks and talks together-- mutual interest in literature--Hindemith's writing of texts to Mathis and Die Harmonie der Welt--Hans Kayser--interest in acoustics--Harmonie as Hindemith's testament to the world--German opera composers--alienation of Hindemith and Kayser--Rilke--feelings about teaching morality in art--Hindemith's opinion of his early works--Gottfreid Benn.

Cassette B

Problems in Germany--the political situation--Rottenberg, Jewish father of Hindemith's wife--influence of counterpoint on musicians' humor--Gertrud Hindemith--Sancta Susanna, Nuschi, Mörder, Hoffnung der Fauen--Hindemith as professor of composition in Berlin--sojourn in Turkey--coming to Buffalo--Cameron Baird--evening of music-making at Baird's house--Luther Noss--visit of American organists to Germany--diary transcribed by Noss--Wells College--Hindemith happy in the U.S.--Yale--opinion of other composers--MacDowell Colony--Koussevitzky and Copland--Stravinsky--love of early music--Collegium Musicum--Mahler--Bruckner--Bartók--how to plan a piece of music--Hindemith's correspondence with Fromm--Hindemith's sense of musical cleanliness--quotes from a Hindemith letter--Catherine Crozier--Hindemith's opinion of American performers--ability of performers to play what composers want--quotes from Hindemith letter about eraly years--xeroxing of letters--Hindemith's opinion about Fromm's Adath Israel--drawings on Christmas cards--fondness for toy trains--description of Christmas card designed by Hindemith.