Yale University Library


OHAM: Hermann Reutter on Hindemith



Hermann Reutter

with Vivian Perils

3242 Morse College

Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut

March 26, 1976


Tape a                                                                                                pp. 1-14

Meeting Hindemith--first performance of Marienleben--Fritz Busch--Hindemith’ s one-act operas--Donaueschingen Festivals--Amar-Hindemith Quartet--Reutter ‘s performances--Berg’s Lyric Suite--Hindemith’ s influence on other musicians--his pupils--the twenties--Hindemith’s personality--Das Unaufhörliche--Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Webern, Berg--Hindemith’ s system of tonality--Paul Ansermet--Stravinsky--Bach--early music--persecution by Nazis--Mathis der Maler--Reutter’s Missa Brevis--Pfitzner--Busoni, Horowitz.

Tape b                                                                                               pp. 14-27

Toch, Krenek--Gertrud Hindemith--Reger--pressure by Himmler to divorce Gertrud--Hitler--electronic music--Penderecki--Richard Strauss--Mathis der Maler--last meeting with Hindemith--his grave--Hindemith as a conductor--as a violist--his reputation in America and Europe--composers’ posthumous fame--two versions of Marienleben.