Yale University Library


OHAM: Isabel DeWitt on Hindemith


HINDEMITH PROJECT                  Interview no. 30/14

Isabel DeWitt

with Caitriona Bolster

34 Autumn St.

New Haven, Ct.

January 21, 1975

Table of Contents

Tape A and B                                                                                    pp. 1-23

Course in the fall of 1945--Elementary Training for Musicians--mixture of people in class--assistants--description of class--difficult exams--Hugo Kortschak--frustration with students--anecdote about singer--working literally with the book--basic exercises--sense of humor--singers' difficulty with the course--emphasis on intervals--ideas about well-rounded musicians--relationship with faculty--demands about teaching schedule--spontaneous teaching style--as a semi-sadistic teacher--singing voice--physical description--English speaking ability--intolerant of tardiness--clashes with Lukas Foss--anecdote about trumpet player in Collegium--as a strict conductor--as an excessively demanding teacher-introducing people to old instruments--placards labeling old instruments in concerts--explanations to audience in Collegium concerts--program notes--good morale in Collegium--method of training chorus without keyboard--DeWitt's speculation about Hindemith's interest in early music--ideas about teaching--impatience with people who lack versatility--high expectations of himself and others--end of teaching career--as a hard worker--teaching ideas in Elementary Training For Musicians.