Yale University Library


OHAM: Jean Myer on Hindemith


Jean Myer

with Caitriona Bolster

Bethany Beach, Delaware

November 14, 1976   


Cassette Side a:                                                                                            pp. 1-25

Music major at Cornell--Luther Noss--meeting Hindemith for the first time--graduate study at Yale--composed piece played by the New Haven Symphony--Master class with Hindemith--compositions--description of Hindemith classes--exercises in tradition­al harmony and composition--"That's not bad"--structure and fixing of cadences--discussion of his own work--prelims--old music--composing in styles--solfège--settings of "Hymn to St. John"--value of class notes--World War I story--relaxed atmosphere in classes--Hindemith's belief that things happen for a purpose--horse story--Hindemith as raconteur--no recollections about his family or feelings about the war--Hindemith secure at Yale--meeting Mrs. Hindemith--invitations to lunch--Mrs. Hindemith moved to tears by Myer's composition--Hindemith's interest in Myer's love life--his sensitivity to students--Hans Rudas--Myer's lack of music background.

Cassette Side b:                                                                                           pp. 25-48

Discussion with Hindemith about granting of Master's degree--talking with Hindemith about music background--teaching at Trinity U. in San Antonio--study at U.S.C.--Hindemith and other composers--the Collegium--playing the violin for a Collegium concert--interest in early music--Hindemith as conductor--importance of mood, feeling, emotion over perfection in notes and virtuosity--Hindemith playing different instruments--Hindemith opinions of performances of his works--expression marks--interest in American composers and music--phone call from Mrs. Hindemith--tickets for General-probe--Harmonie der Welt untypical of his style--opinion of Hindemith music--students not required to follow his style--reasons for criticisms--Hindemith theory logical--obstinate students--dedication of book--reasons for not liking a piece of music--treatment of students as individuals--Gertrud Hindemith supportive of her husband--her playing cello and singing--her religious belief s--Hindemith's religious beliefs--visit to San Antonio--missions--Hindemith method on arriving in a new city--last time seeing Gertrud Hindemith--audience reaction to opera--Christmas cards--Mozart piece--impact of Hindemith on her--standard of excellence.