Yale University Library


OHAM: Karl Ulrich Schnabel on Hindemith



Karl Ulrich Schnabel

with Caitriona Bolster

305 West End Avenue

New York, NY

December 18, 1976




Tape a:                                                                                               pp. 1-18

First associated with the Hindemith family--Schnabel’s father--Mrs. Hindemith--electric trains--Neues vom Tage--rehearsals for Neues vom Tage  Neues vom Tage--public’s reactions to avant-garde music--father’s opinion of’ Hindemith’s music--Hindemith’s passion for games--electric trains--Schnabel’s composing--Hindemith’ s viola playing--Friendship between Hindemith and Schnabel families--boycott of Mathis der Mahler--Hindemith in favor of Nazis--Hindemith’s reason for leaving Germany--Furtwängler--Hindemith’s pro-Nazi remark.

Tape b:                                                                                              pp. 18-24

When Schnabel’s family left Germany--Father’s career and Nazis--Schnabel’s family move to Lake Como--Schnabel’s family move to America--meeting Hindemith after World War II--Bryanston Summer School--Hindemith’s lectures at Bryanston--Hindemith’s personality--Mrs. Hindemith’s personality--difficulty in seeing friends over large distances.