Yale University Library


OHAM: Klaus Liepmann on Hindemith


Klaus Liepmann

with Caitriona Bolster

28 Foster Street

Cambridge, MA

April 27, 1976


Cassette Side a:                                                                                            pp. 1-20

How Liepmann came to be at Yale--bringing Hindemith to Yale--prior association with Hindemith in Germany--Hindemith's belief that there is no new music--bringing Hindemith to Yale--Beekman Cannon--Hindemith's concert at Harvard--Hindemith's first concert at Yale--Hindemith in Turkey--Hindemith becomes Professor of Music at Yale--toy railroads--Hindemith's reforms in the Yale School of Music--Hindemith's personality and character (anecdotes)--Hindemith's interest in Medieval music--Liepmann's favorite works by Hindemith--performance of Hin und Zurück in Hartford--Hindemith as a conductor--Amar Quartet--Hindemith leaving Germany for political reasons--Gertrude Hindemith--Amar Quartet--Hindemith's following in Germany--Hindemith as a composer--Hindemith vs. Schoenberg.

Cassette Side b:                                                                                           pp. 20-38

Hindemith's belief that there is no new music--Hindemith as a conservative composer--Hindemith as a teacher--Hindemith's first concert at Yale--Sanromá--art, poetry, and literature--Hindemith and religion--Hindemith's reaction to Pearl Harbor--Gertrude--Hindemith as an outdoors person--Das Lied von der Erde--Koussevitzky--Hindemith's reasons for leaving America--Yale's first impression of Hindemith--Hindemith and Schrade--dichotomy between academic and applied music--Hindemith's lack of interest in American music--Liepmann' s reasons for leaving Yale--Liepmann at MIT--Liepmann' s last meeting with Hindemith--Liepmann at MIT--­performance of Hindemith's music at MIT.