Yale University Library


OHAM: Leonard Doob on Hindemith


Leonard Doob

with Caitriona Bolster

Berkeley College

Yale University

March 10, 1975



Cassette Side a:                                                                                            Pg. 1-15

Description of The Club--three talks presented at The Club--as a pleasant person--as a member of The Club--letter to Mrs. Hindemith from The Club after his death--Mrs. Hindemith's reply--talk in 1948 on "Problems of Musical Theory"--talk in 1950 on "Close-ups of Musical Performers"--talk in 1953 on "Tonal Systems: the Raw Material of Composition"--as a consultant to the Turkish government--interest in Turkish music--idea about the over-emphasis on the conductor--lighthouse in Frankfurt-on-Main--speaking German with Doob--feeling a responsibility to go back to Germany--fondness for Yale--desire to resurrect music in Germany--weeding out the Nazis from the revived Munich Philharmonic--interest in the physiology of sound--interest in Stumpf--personality--down-to-earth attitude towards composing--recommend­ation that amateurs should play the recorder--Alvin Eiseman requests that he write a preface to a Bach piece published by Yale University Press--members of The Club--Collegium concerts--requirements for membership in The Club--interest in the musical recovery of Germany--concerts in Latin America--excellent English--Doob's confusion about the Bach manuscript--The Club's records--Mr. Rudin as a possible reference--tower in Sachensenhausen.