Yale University Library


OHAM: Leonard Feist on Hindemith


Leonard Feist

with Caitriona Bolster

110 East 59th St.

New York, New York

November 16, 1976


Side a                                                                                                                         (pp. 1—22)

Feist’s meeting of Hindemith-- Associated Publishers, agent for Schott-- Kurt Stone, Dick French, Arthur Mendel, Carl Miller-- Feist’s role as social one-- difficult aspects of dealing with Hindemith-- premiere of Neues vom Tage in Santa Fe-- Carl Bauer-- Hindemith’s popularity in late ‘50s-- broad repertory-- popularity today-- concern for promotion of his music-- Feist ‘s visit to Blonay-- donation of Requiem manuscript to Yale-- Hindemith’ s opinion of up and coming composers-- Feist’s attend­ance at premieres, important performances-- Hindemith’s protectiveness about his works-- desire for anonymity-- difficult aspect of his personality balanced by genial and fun-loving one-- Feist’s relationship to Hindemith cordial but not intimate-- Hindemith’s carved villages-- bad Requiem recording-- money and finances-- conducting career-- frustration at lack of conducting invitations in U.S.-- underplaying of own works in conducting engagements-- Feist ‘s correspondence with Hindemith-- coming of age of American music publishing-- Feist’s rejection of a Stravinsky work-- 1940-1960, an important period for American music publishing-- Feist’s knowledge of Ives-- Gertrud as epitome of composer’s wife.

Side b                                                                                                                        (pp. 21—28)

Feist‘s musical instincts in terms of choosing for publication-- popular music-- popular music in music schools-- jazz people at Yale.