Yale University Library


OHAM: Louis Hemingway Jr. on Hindemith


Louis Hemingway Jr.

with Caitrona Bolster

2nd New Haven National Bank

129 Church Street, New Haven

March 21, 1973


Cassette Side a                                                                                             pp. 1-16

Hemingway's background--Hemingway's studies with Hindemith--fascination with jazz--interest in informal singing--Whiffenpoof songs--attitude towards attending concerts--interest in New Haven Symphony--as a community oriented person--Riggio's opera company--students, George Lamb, Maurice Levine--rush to study with Hindemith--theory and composition courses--parties for students--after-dinner games--drawing--Mrs. Hindemith as a disciplinarian--a typical composition class--love of unusual combinations of instruments--as an extremely demanding and meticulous teacher--discussion of Hemingway's manuscript from composition class--performances of works from composition class--reservations about praising students--analysis in class of Mathis der Maler--attitude towards his contemporaries.

Cassette Side b                                                                                            pp. 16-30

View of romantic period--affinity to classical and baroque periods--criticism of Brahms Violin Concerto--compositions in collaboration with students--class at Tanglewood--The Craft of Musical Composition--relationships with students--attitude towards women students--Ludus Tonalis--theory of what a melody is--grading--performances on violin, viola, and piano--Mrs. Hindemith as a musician--friendship with Carl Lohmann--trip to Cape Cod--childish element--song about Lohmann--reaction to Hemingway's leaving music for bank job--lack of encouragement to students--Hemingway's musical activities while working as a banker--Hindemith's musical influence on Hemingway.