Yale University Library


OHAM: Luther Noss on Hindemith



Luther Noss

with Caitriona Bolster

Yale University School of Music

New Haven, CT

March 20, 1973



Tape a                                                                                                            (pp. 1-11)

Noss’s meetings with Hindemith--at Yale--anecdote about Donovan--Hindemith’s plan for Yale School of Music--artistic integrity--as a teacher--as a conductor--personal life--visits to Germany after the war.

Tape b                                                                                                           (pp. 11-22)

Lecturing and teaching offers during postwar period--move to Zürich--Noss’s offer of deanship--end of teaching career--as a conductor and composer---opera Harmonie der Welt--disenchantment with U.S. relationships--problems with U.S. citizenship--Luther and Osea Noss’s visits with Hindemiths--visits to U.S.--opera Neues vom Tage--Yale offer to house manuscripts--success as conductor of Chicago Symphony--A Long Christmas Dinner, Thornton Wilder--attitude towards other composers--view of Schoenberg--view of avant-garde music--incident at Yale School of Music Christmas party.