Yale University Library


OHAM: Margaret Grubb on Hindemith


Margaret Grubb

with Caitriona Bolster

611 Hillcrest,

Denton, Texas

January 17, 1976



Cassette Side a                                                                                             pp. 1-16


Ms. Grubb's musical background--Martha Bretts as a possible reference--marriage of Martha and Joe Iadone--Hindemiths as godparents to the Iadone's son--relationship with Joe Iadone--Ms. Grubb's job--Bruce Simonds' teaching--the Collegium--anecdote about loud singing--students' devotion to the Collegium--the three year cycle--Machaut Mass--courses at Yale--Mrs. Hindemith's French studies--students' respect for Hindemith--the Collegium's experiences with the Metropolitan Museum ancient instrument collection--Alvin Etler and the zink--anecdote about a letter from Winternitz--the "Cairo Philharmonic"--violinist Blanche Raison--Collegium concerts--hysterical rehearsals.

Cassette Side b                                                                                            pp. 16-31

Willy Klenz, Joe Iadone, and the tromba marinas--canonic round involving the audience--his "anonymous" canon--Howard Boatwright--Mrs. Hindemith's chamber music sessions--Hindemith's attitude towards composition--anecdote about students' motets--his dislike of imposing his views about his music on performers--view of Brahms--anecdote about Sanroma--his high standards for any musical performance--his sense of humor--incident with student Willy Klenz--Ms. Grubb's recital.

Cassette Side c                                                                                             pp. 32-47

Simonds' performance of Ludus Tonalis--performance of his trombone sonata with Eve Rivkin on piano--The_Herodiade--excitement over the publication of Ludus--his viola concerto--his positive influence on students--as an energetic person--as conductor of the Collegium--reproducing music.

Cassette Side d                                                                                            pp. 47-62


Reputation amongst the students--conflicts with some composition students--as a composition teacher--imposing his style on students--Mrs. Hindemith's personality--funny Christmas programs--Mark Iadone's christening--his interest in mathematics--his drawing--performance suggestions to Simonds about Ludus--his Christmas cards--the farewell party--composers' settings of pages from the phone book--Ms. Grubb's use of Ludus in her teaching--his piano writing--his sonatas--Symphony for Band.