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OHAM: Marshall Bartholomew on Hindemith


HINDEMITH PROJECT                                30/30 ab

Marshall Bartholomew talking on Hindemith

With Caitriona Bolster

54 Linden Ave.

Branford, Connecticut

Table of Contents

Casette Side a

Bartholomew studies with Hindemith in Germany--Hindemith's love of railroads--Hindemith as a teacher--The Demon of the Gibbit --Hindemith asa conductor--Horatio Parker--German choral tradition--Berlin Hochschule ca. 1910--Bartholomew's musical training--Bartholomew's work in Siberia.

Casette Side b

Organized singing in Hell's kitchen, NY--Thoughts on Hindemith the composer and performer--Thoughts on Hindemith's music--Horatio Parker and Charles Ives.