Yale University Library


OHAM: Mrs. Frank Bozyan on Hindemith


Mrs. Frank Bozyan

with Caitriona Bolster

3283 Morse College

New Haven, CT

Yale University

March 1, 1973

Table of Contents

Tape A (reel) pp. 1—24

Friendship with Frank Bozyan--gift of third organ sonata manuscript to Bozyan--affection for Bozyan’s four children--Mrs. Hindemithts arrival from Germany--Jonathan Edwards Fellows as a source of information on feelings about Germany--personality--demands on students--Mrs. Hindemith as disciplinarian--the farewell party: decorations and stage settings by Hindemith--music--magician--parody on Ph.D. archaeologists--Supersonic Symphony Orchestra Quartet--food--drawings--Mrs. Hindemith as a musician--attitude towards roles in marriage--Bozyan’s performances of the organ sonatas--attitude towards recitals--Kabi Loratei’s talk on Hindemith--run-ins with student, Virginia Hitchcock--male chauvinist attitude towards girls in class--relationships with American colleagues--as a lover of the outdoors--driftwood sculptures--Mrs. Hindemith’s concern over lack of composing time--conversation in a social setting--as a violist--as conductor of the Collegium--Bozyan’ s organ recitals--citizenship--as a fellow of Jonathan Edwards College--gift manuscript of third organ sonata donated to Yale Music Library by Mrs. Bozyan--description of farewell party written by Mrs. Bozyan