Yale University Library


OHAM: Mrs. Gustave Reese on Hindemith


Mrs. Gustave Reese (Carol Truax)

with Caitriona Bolster

414 East 52nd St.

New York, New York

November 10, 1976



Side a                                                                                                 pp.  1-23

Colorado Springs Festival--anecdote about Mrs. Reese’s attempts to convince the Hindemiths to come to Colorado--his Christmas cards--his composition class in Colorado--as a choral conductor--performance of Hin und Zuruck--description of summer music school in Colorado Springs--Mrs. Reese’s background--Mrs. Reese’s ideas about how a music department should be managed--student, David Kraehenbuehl--Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harris as teachers--Oral History Project in American Music--Roger Sessions--food discussions with Mrs. Reese--Mrs. Hindemith’s personality--as an influential teacher--visits with Mrs. Reese in Europe--his lodgings in Colorado--John White.