Yale University Library


OHAM: Mrs. John Lowe on Hindemith


Mrs. John Lowe

withCaitriona Bolster

[Mr. Lowe also present]

90 Centerbrook Rd. 

Hamden, Connecticut

November 28, 1973


Cassette Side a:                                                                                            pp. 1-20

Tonkunstlerfeste--Mrs. Lowe's musical background--excursion to museum in Kassel--music festival in Donaueschingen--Alois Hába's choir at festival--reception--anecdotes about festival--marriage in 1924--visits to Lowes--Neue Musik in Cologne--lost manuscripts--composing Mathis der Maler--skiing--music festivals in Frankfurt--secret meetings--view of Schoenberg--music festivals in Baden-Baden--pictures of silver anniversary--Six Freshly Laid Piano Eggs--Hindemith Collection--generosity with manuscripts--Klavierstücke--brother, Rudolph Hindemith--Rudolph Hindemith's jealousy--sister, Toni Hindemith--mother--in Rottenberg Orchestra at age fourteen--facility with languages--as private people--relationship between Hindemiths--Hin und Zurück--anecdote about being locked in the Kurhaus--music for movie, The Flying Hats--anecdote about visit to elegant restaurant in Baden-Baden--dog, Alfi--Christmas cards--gardening--English songs.

Cassette Side b:                                                                                           pp. 20-41

[Mr. Lowe joins interview]

Hindemith boycott--performance of Der Schwanendreher under Mengelberg--situation in Germany, 1933-39--Mrs. Lowe's exit from Germany--her friendships with Steinberg and Klemperer--her performance career--her reunion with Hindemith in New Haven in 1940--visit in Boston--Stravinsky's interest in young performers--hikes on the Mosel--anecdote about hotel near the Mosel--personality--differences in musical life in Europe and the states--friendship between Lowes and Hindemiths--visit in the Taft Hotel--Ernst Krenek in Tanglewood--performance of Wunderbare Mandarin on roof garden in Cologne--letter to Mrs. Lowe--Mrs. Hindemith's difficulty getting out of Germany--going to the movies in Freiburg--appreciation for Chaplin and Mickey Mouse--sketching--Christmas eve visits--Mrs. Hindemith as a musician--as a self-taught person--views of other composers--dislike of Vienna School--opera, Cardillac--Mathis der Maler--Marienleben--Messe--as a composer who doesn't compose for the people--reference to "the Furtwängler business"--retrieving furniture in Berlin at the end of the war--Hindemiths as good friends--gifts to the Lowes.