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OHAM: Norman Dello Joio on Hindemith


HINDEMTH PROJECT                 Interview no. 30/55


Norman Dello Joio

with Caitriona Bolster

School for the Arts

Boston University

Boston, Massachusetts

April 26, 1976



Side A                                                                                                                        pp. 1-22

Dello Joio’s musical background--influence on Dello Joio--Bernard Wagenaar as a composition teacher--his discipline--composition class at Tanglewood--as a composition teacher--emphasis on technical aspects of composing--opinion of Stravinsky--admiration for Bartok and Verdi--comparison of Verdi and Wagner--as a broadminded musician--his harmonic system--Dello Joio’s ballet--influence on Dello Joio--as a teacher--his ethics as a composer--the Contemporary Music Project--his early musical life--allegiance to a past ideal--the Collegium--the use of early music in his teaching--Dello Joio ‘s settings of Walt Whitman--premieres of his works--as a conductor--his lack of concern with sound and color-his ballet music--the eclipse of his music--Antiphonal Fantasy.


Side B                                                                                                                        pp. 22-25

Influence on Dello Joio ‘s craftsmanship--his sense of humor--accusation that he turned out "Hindemith copies"--as a complete musician.