Yale University Library


OHAM: Osea Noss on Hindemith


Osea Noss

With Caitriona Bolster

434 Humphrey St.

New Haven, CT

May 9,1973




Cassette Side a:

pp. 1-15

Job offer at University of Chicago--lack of money--report of loss of possessions stored in Berlin--discovery that not all possessions had been destroyed--Mrs. Hindemith as secretary--housekeeper--musical companion--move to Blonay--lack of furniture--house cleaning--house on Alden Ave--The Lilacs--entertaining at home on Alden Ave.--the saga of the garbage pail--Noss’s purchase of some furnishings--secret summer home in Maine--ballet for Martha Graham commissioned by Mrs. Coolidge.


Cassette Side b:

pp. 15-29

Driftwood sculptures--gift to orphanage--oil painting--the Frankenstein Quartet with Blanche Raisen, Jean Harris, and the Hindemiths--hand-decorated eggs--painting of quartet--citizenship-­the garden in Blonay--interest in astronomy--skill in Latin--Mrs. Hindemith’s skill in languages--literary parties with Angelo Lipari--honorary degree from Philadelphia Musical Academy.