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OHAM: Paul Pisk on Hindemith



Paul Pisk

Tape supplied by Mr. Pisk

November 1976


Table of Contents

Tape a                                                                                                (pp. 1-3)

Meeting Pisk in Vienna--performance of his music by the Amar Quartet--playing jazz piano at a party--anecdote about meeting Pisk on a train to Donaueschingen--reception of his music in Vienna--Pisk’s reviews in Arbeiter Zeitung and music journals--Funeral Music for George III--anecdote about viola practice--his Christmas cards--Pisk’s performances of his chamber music at the University of Redlands--performance of Sinfonia Serena by the Los Angeles Symphony--Pisk’s presentations on Hindemith for the Musicological Society--Pisk’s courses on his music at the University of Texas and Washington University--last visit with Pisk in Santa Fe--Neues vom Tage--his conducting--changes in his personality--opinion of Pisk’s compositions--temporary eclipse of his music in Germany.