Yale University Library


OHAM: Phyllis Bauer on Hindemith


Phyllis Bauer

with Caitriona Bolster

635 E. 211th Street

Bronx, New York

May 7, 1975


Cassette Side a:                                                                                            pp. 1-26

Meeting Phyllis Bauer at Associated in 1949--long relationship with Mr. Bauer--anecdote about instruments in customs--meeting Mr. Bauer in Germany--joking letter from Schott--Willy Strecker's interest in his music--professional relationship with Mr. Bauer grows into a close friendship--Mrs. Hindemith as an over-protective wife--drinking sessions with Mr. Bauer--his family relationships--his early performances--close friendship with Willy Strecker--Strecker cares for Hindemith's mother before her death--resentment for his father--early musical studies--studying with Mrs. Hindemith's father--his image of himself as a self-made musician--persecution of Mrs. Hindemith in Germany--Nazis' demand that he divorce Mrs. Hindemith--description of Mr. Bauer's job with Associated and Schott--Mr. Bauer' s personal belief in his ability--Mr. Bauer as a very helpful friend--description of dealings with Associated--the different functions of Associated and Schott--Schott publishes out of London during the war--Ludus and Cupid and Psyche are published out of Germany--Willy Strecker as a very sharp operator--Strecker forges a Nazi industry stamp--gripes about Associated and Schott--loyalty to Strecker--as a perfectionist--dislike of Henze--results of his autopsy--his blackouts--his composition students--differing opinions of his teaching techniques--contact with Mrs. Bauer--friendship between Mrs. Hindemith and Mrs. Bauer--Mrs. Bauer handles his correspondence--the handling of requests for commissions--interest in and control over the promotion of his music in the USA--preoccupation with his name--concern that family members would use his name for commercial gain--conflict with cousin, Rudolph Hindemith over the use of their name--Mr. Bauer's fondness for him--painting Easter eggs in the office saloon--his marriage--Mrs. Hindemith as a protector--Mrs. Hindemith as a movie star--meeting Mrs. Hindemith at a party in Berlin--her immediate interest in him--Mrs. Hindemith's cancer--her long mourning after his death--home in Blonay--pictures taken by Mr. Bauer--Mrs. Hindemith's personality--his grave--feelings towards Germany--desire to be honored by Americans--his sense of his own greatness--as a conductor--indignation over Sarah Caldwell's performing Mathis--performance of one of his operas in Santa Fe--wariness of first performances--Mrs. Bauer's only visit to their New Haven home.

Cassette Side b:                                                                                           pp. 26-50

Problems with the alien property law--hiring lawyer, Mr. Cox, to get his money released--respect for Stravinsky--his beautiful manuscripts--discrepancies in his scores--particular about his publications--working out music in his head before writing it down--meeting with copyist, Carl Rosenthal--Kurt Stone--his complete control over his publications, with exceptions--tempo markings in Ludus Tonalis--as a perfectionist--conducting a commemorative concert of his music--as a conductor--anecdote about informal recording session in New Haven--as a

violist--Collegium Musicum concerts--satisfaction from teaching--Mrs. Hindemith's love for their New Haven home--anecdote about "maplesieren"--reproducing old music--Alfred Mapleson's reproduction business--Mrs. Hindemith's feelings about the fate of his music--lack of openness to musical criticism--interest in caricatures--love for trains--birthday gifts from Carl Haverlin and the Bauer's--score for toy trains--his driftwood village carvings--as a "doer"--losing his temper--performance of the Lilac Requiem at Carnegie Hall--the Hindemiths' indirectness about what they really wanted--Arthur Mendel as a possible reference--frequent contact with the Bauers--Mrs. Hindemith' s interest in French literature--her facility with languages--her choice to devote her time to his correspondence instead of her other interests--her disappointment over not getting a degree--her regrets.

Cassette Side c:                                                                                            pp. 50-61

Anecdote about Stravinsky's dinner in Clarendon's--anecdote about Stravinsky's visit to Associated--opinion of Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Webern, and Berg--composers affiliated with Schott--anecdote about Stravinsky and a bad chamber music performance--comparison between Stravinsky's and Hindemith's personalities--Mrs. Bauer' s impressions of Mrs. Hindemith--conductors' name changes--Otto Klemperer's conversion to Catholicism--story about Klemperer and Wyner--story about Klemperer's arrest--stories about Toscannini--problems getting conducting jobs--problems with citizenship--as a very subjective person--Mrs. Hindemith encourages him to compose When Lilacs Last in the Door-yard Bloom'd--her Catholicism.