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OHAM: Reverend and Mrs. Robert Calhoun on Hindemith


HINDEMITH PROJECT                          30/8

Reverend and Mrs. Robert Calhoun

with Caitriona Bolster

Hatfield Road

Bethany, CT.

June 6, 1973


Side a                                                                                                                        pp.1-20

Mrs. Hindemith audits Reverend Calhoun's course in the history of Christian doctrine--Hindemith's love of children--reluctance to talk about Germany--Mrs. Hindemith's interest in Christianity--Marienleben--Mrs. Hindemith's musician-ship--visit to Calhouns on Christmas eve--gracious temperment--Mrs. Hindemith protective of time--article in New Republic--concert in Carnegie Hall--fondness for Bruckner--admiration for Bach and Mozart--interest in medieval music--Collegium concerts--gift of recording of Six Chansons to Calhouns--Hindemith's interest in Bob Calhoun Jr.'s social work--home in Switzerland--feelings about Germany--as a simple person--as a conductor--English speaking ability--Christmas cards--interest in gardening--Mrs. Hindemith's religious commitment--Mrs. Hindemith's journey out of Germany--house on Alden Avenue--gas rationing in the 1940's--entertaining students--advice to Calhoun's son Bob about music as a profession--Mrs. Hindemith's correspondence.

Side b                                                                                                                     pp. 20-22

The Dinklers feelings about living in Germany and the USA--special permission to visit Germany--The Later Years.