Yale University Library


OHAM: S. Ellsworth Grumman on Hindemith


S. Ellsworth Grumman

with Caitriona Bolster

3283 Morse College

Yale University

December 14th, 1972


Cassette Side a:                                                                                            pp.1-14

Grumman's background in music--Grumman's studies at Yale--his trip to China--his teaching position at Yale--the Yale Music School in 1919--opening of Sprague Hall--Sam Sanford starts the School of Music--anecdote about Sam Sanford,  President Hadley, and champagne--David Stanley Smith expands the music program--Bruce Simonds' music history course--the library at 126 College St.--lack of music in the library--Grumman orders more music--funding for music  orders--Friends of Music at Yale. 

Cassette Side b:                                                                                           pp. 14-28


Function of Friends of Music--pamphlet about Friends of Music--pianos and harpsichords in the Collection--concerts to raise money to buy Clavierbüchlein--editions of Beethoven sonatas--purchasing editions from dealers--Grumman's teacher, Medtner--hiring Schrade--Schrade's personality--Christmas party at  Schrade's--musicology becomes a department at Yale Graduate School--"Hindemith  in New Haven" [article by Grumman]--Grumman's first meeting with Hindemith--Hindemith's time in Turkey--Christmas cards--Mrs. Hindemith as a singer--The Four Temperaments--scrap with Koussevitzky--Grumman's attitude towards  Schoenberg--Grumman's performance of Hindemith's second sonata--final party with decorations by Hindemith. 

Cassette Side c:                                                                                            pp. 29-41


Sculptures of a village in driftwood--citizenship--knowledge of American history--Grumman as Alumni Fund Collector for Yale School of Music--his alumni publication--teacher, Stanley Knight--Grumman discovers Medtner's music--Medtner's visit to Yale--The Maharaja of Mysore's Musical Foundation--the Medtner Society--Grumman's studies with Medtner--studies with Nadia Boulanger--Mrs. Medtner's personality--Medtner's ballad sonata--studying Waldstein Sonata with Medtner--teaching offer to Grumman from Yale School  of Music--stay in Paris--Rachmaninov's music and playing--Medtner as a  pianist--Grumman's correspondence with Mrs. Medtner--copies of complete Medtner in Yale School of Music Library--Scriabin's Fifth Sonata.

Cassette Side d:                                                                                           pp. 41-57

Medtner's music--anecdote about Olénine-d'Alheim--Nadia Boulanger's parties--Lili Boulanger's death--anniversaries of her death--party at Maxim's--Hindemith's facility with instruments--Hindemith plays old Chinese instruments--expectations of students--Collegium concerts--citizenship--audience participation in Collegium concerts--transcriptions--relationship with Schrade--conflict with Donovan--coldness between Schrade and Hindemith--plan to reorganize music school--feelings about teaching--as an orchestral composer and a conductor--illness in Vienna--discussions  with students about music at Pepe's Pizza--anecdote about visit to Pepe's--as a critical teacher--Mrs. Hindemith's cooking--Mrs. Hindemith as a supportive wife--similarities with Mrs. Medtner--Mrs. Hindemith as a disciplinarian--infrequent concert going--anecdotes about take-off's on Wagner operas and "Queen of the Night" record--The Magic Flute episode--fiftieth birthday celebration with the Juilliard--Ludus Tonalis--anecdote about the baby on the sofa--trombone sonata--performance of the Biber Sonatas--pianist, Harold Samuel--tired of teaching--Requiem on a Walt Whitman poem--anecdote about Medtner's dog.