Yale University Library


OHAM: Sam di Bonaventura on Hindemith



Sam di Bonaventura

talking with Caitriona Bolster

George Mason University

Fairfax, Virginia

April 5, 1976

Table of Contents

Side a  pp.1-25

background and early musical training entrance--exam and study at Yale--post-Yale years: employment and further study--theory projects under Hindemith--Hindemith vis á vis Schenker--Hindemith’s theoretical system--Hindemith as teacher of composition--composition study with Persichetti, Piston--Hindemith in the classroom--compositional craft--Hindemith’s Christmas cards--Hindemith in the classroom (con't.)--Collegium Musicum

Side b  pp.25-52

Hindemith’s approach to early music--Hindemith and Schrade--Hindemith's opinions of Mahler, Bruckner--Hindemith’s position in 20th—century music--di Bonaventura’s opinions of Hindemith works--impact on American musical scene--Hindemith's style; consistency--influence on di Bonaventura--master/apprentice approach to teaching--di Bonaventura's Harvard years--di Bonaventura's compositions--di Bonaventura’s musical family