Yale University Library


OHAM: Willie Ruff on Hindemith


Willie Ruff

with Caitriona Bolster

Sprague Hall, Yale University

January 27, 1975



Cassette Side a:                                                                                            pp. 1-20

Ruff's studies with Hindemith--the Collegium--Ruff's lesson on the Horn Sonata--contact with Ralph Kirkpatrick--Horn Concerto written for Britten--recall of German recording of the horn concerto--Sonata for Four Horns--Ruff's musical background--as a fascinating teacher--influence on student, Joseph Iadone--as a teacher--intolerance of performers who weren't dedicated--anecdote about Collegium rehearsals--emphasis on philosophical aspects of music--Harmony of the World, Harmony of the Spheres--interest in scientific works of Kepler--opera on Kepler's life--how his music is faring presently--attitude towards teaching composition--Ingolf Dahl's respect for Hindemith--problem of music students specializing in a declining European discipline--disappointment in students' lack of sensitivity--impatience with stupidity--opinion of the American musical world--letters to Oscar Cox--interest in improvised music--emphasis on playing--recording of the Collegium at the Metropolitan Museum--working with Winternitz--Mrs. Hindemith as a supportive person--as a conductor--interest in Heine and Rilke--Ruff's plans to perform cycle of horn works--wide literary interests--cartoons, sketches, Christmas cards--conducting in Rome--attempts by Ruff and Pearson to commission works--history course--composition students--Charlie Parker's respect for Hindemith--influence on Ruff.

Cassette Side b:                                                                                           pp. 21-29

Chamber music concerts in colleges--feelings about living in America--Bruce Simonds as a reference--frustration with the politics of music--anger at American orchestras' attitude towards him--anger at racial separation in the musician's unions--Ruff' s suit against James Petrillo and the American Federation of Musicians--relationship with the faculty--Ruff's musical training in the military--gossip about conflict with Quincy Porter--Hindemith students--citizenship--German exchange students--respect for Joe Iadone.