Yale University Library


OHAM: Charles Seeger on Ives


Charles Seeger

with Vivian Perlis

San Marino, California

March 16, 1970



Cassette Side a                                                                                             pp. 1-15

Early years (Mexico, Harvard, etc.)--study in Germany--first marriage, New York--University of California, first teaching position--study of history as prerequisite to study of music history--long friendship with Ellsworth Corey--develops interest in music of all periods, folk music--World War I, return to East.

Cassette Side b                                                                                            pp. 15-29

More on musicology as minute part of general knowledge--his own composition--Henry Cowell as student--travels around U.S. in trailer--return to New York--Institute of Musical Arts, classes in musicianship--mythology, yoga--the Depression--end of marriage--anti-war--composer's collective--anecdote about Copland.

Cassette Side c                                                                                             pp. 29-57

Performance at New School--more on Depression and divorce--loss of job at Institute--Depression post with Resettlement Administration in Washington--Margaret Valiant as worker in program--music in American culture--Pan American Union, musical contact with South America--experience with Vanett Lawler and MENC--anecdote about Interlochen--formation of AMS, Seeger as outsider--international musicology--European musicologist (Hornbostel) flees to USA--Carl Ruggles--Seeger introduces Ives' music to Henry Cowell--opinions on Ives' music--more on Ruggles--experiments with melograph and other devices.