Yale University Library


OHAM: Clara Sipprell on Ives


Clara Sipprell

with Vivian Perlis


December 30, 1971




Cassette Side a:                                                                                            pp. 1-25

Intro--preference for natural light--adolescence, interest in photography--family background--importance of association with friends--Svetlana, Stalin’s daughter--Russian contacts, Illyia Tolstoy--Swedish castles in Scona--Hammersjold’s father--Karl Milles--Chaliapin--closeness to Russia--Studio in NYC--portraits of Kerensky, Stanislavsky, and Rachmaninoff--more on Rachmaninoff--own talent for portraiture--experiences with Charles Ives--anecdote about Ives sitting--other portraits of Ives--sitting of John Kirkpatrick--Charles Ruggles and Robert Frost--more on Ruggles--portraits of the Stokowski’s--more on Stokowski--Marlborough and Saratoga--Rudolf Serkin--reflections on career--photography as an art form--importance of friendships in her life.

Cassette Side b:                                                                                           pp. 25-42


Publishing of book, Moment of Light--Leopold Godowsky--Roy Harris--Harry Bernhardt--Koussevitsky--drawings by Koussevitsky’s wife--capturing artists while they were working--Schweitzer--anecdote about Schweitzer--Roland Hayes--Thurmond--feelings on spiritualism --conversation with Valdo Freeman--Robert Frost--Maxfield Parrish--Lydia Parrish--Sally Craighorn--lugging equipment--Ralph Bunche--Stieglitz--interest in photographing creative artists-dark room.