Yale University Library


OHAM: Dane Rudhyar on Ives


Dane Rudhyar, talking with

Vivian Perlis

San Jacinto, California

March 18, 1970


Cassette Side a:                                                                                                        pp. 1-13


Early years--move to America--Alfred Laliberté, introduction to music of Scriabin--anecdote about Rodin--more on early American years--dance poems--meeting Henry Cowell, 1921--Salzedo, Varèse--Leo Ornstein--Varèse and International Composers Guild--Scriabin and theosophism--interest in Oriental philosophy, music--more on Scriabin's music--acquaintance with Charles Ives.

Cassette Side b:                                                                                                       pp. 13-25


More on Ives (extended)--Lou Harrison--Rudhyar's music and politics of competitions--anecdote about Goossens--technical ability of modern performers--need for revision and orchestration of Rudhyar's early piano works-- John Kirkpatrick's and Lou Harrison's work on Ives--anecdote about appli­cation for Guggenheim grant; Ruth Crawford--non-acceptance of Rudhyar's music and his growing interest in other areas (astrology and psychology)--numerous writings on astrology.

Cassette Side c:                                                                                                        pp. 25-36

Friendship with William Masselos, visit to New York in 1948--experience as painter--more on astrological writings--philosophies of life--more discussion of Rudhyar's music and influences upon it--speech--oriented music vs. dance--oriented music--opinions on multi-media experiments-- comments on Sacre, Les Noces, Carl Orff, Penderecki--electronic music-- article appearing in Modern Music on Buddhist gongs--misguided musicological research into ethnic music--views on jazz, popular music, movements of young people of the late '60s.