Yale University Library


OHAM: Eugene Becker on Ives


Eugene Becker

with Vivian Perlis

Pentagon, Washington, DC

January 30, 1971



Cassette Side a:                                                                                            pp. 1-12


Ives' relationship with John Becker--exchange of Christmas presents--growing up--his father John Becker's article about Ives--Mrs. Ives--Edie Ives--Cowell, Riegger, Kirkpatrick, Copland--both Ives and John Becker were well read--Ives' brother's book The Ark and the Dove--interest in the visual arts--Cowell's visual sense--close relationship with wives on the part of John Becker and Ives.

Cassette Side b:                                                                                           pp. 13-27


Becker's favorable view of Ives' music--The Unanswered Question--Central Park--Barn Dance--Washington's Birthday--Kirpatrick's recording of Ives' Concord Sonata--John Becker's teachers--need for an Institute of American Studies--reaction to Ives' music--Ives in the business world--Ives' political ideas--Becker's family environment--Wallingford Riegger--extra-musical quotation.