Yale University Library


OHAM: Herman Langinger on Ives


AMERICAN MUSIC SERIES                      OHV                                       39a

IVES PROJECT                                             OHII                                       60 ab

Herman Langinger

with Vivian Perlis

Los Angeles, Ca.

March, 1975


Tape A:

p. 1-25

Peter Yates--Henry Cowell--Sydney Cowell--New Music Society--the quartet-- Langinger ‘s beginnings in Life and Music--Ranc--working for Ranc, first workings on Ives’s music--Ives’ s manuscripts and their mathematical qualities--Fourth Symphony--square note notation--quarter-tone pieces--Ives‘s changes in the score--meeting with Ives--Fourth of July--Leopold Godowsky--George Gershwin--L. Godowsky, the son--recollections of Ives--Henry Cowell-- future of collection--copy work on H. Cowell's piece--John Kirkpatrick--catalogue of Ives’s works--Concord Sonata--Ives, published by Peer/International and edited version--Ives Society--Bill Brooks and the Fourth Symphony--new music--Henry Cowell--Ives Collection--more H. Cowell--contemporary music--Varèse--Ionization--Hearst--Ray Green--Howard Trowe--Russian ambassador--Fourth Symphony--payments--San Francisco--new music--Gerald Strang--Chambers--Henry Cowell--flutist in San Quentin from L.A. Philharmonic--Cowell and the New Music people in S.F.--Ray .Green, Ingolf Dahl, Roy Harris--move from S.F. to L.A--other work--music as a hobby--scores: John Vincent, William Schaeffer--Ives work through H. Cowell--discussion with Cowell on business and new music case--vicious propaganda spread about H.Cowell and Russian discs--Russian music.

Tape B

p. 25-39

Gerald Strang--Schoenberg--Schoenberg’ s son--G. Schirmer--Cowell-- Russia--University of Berkeley--Hearst--“music is not propaganda”--homosexuality scandal--Peter Yates--San Quentin--music department in San Quentin, correspondence course, concerts--New York Public Library Cowell Collection--The Wedding March--New Music scores--Ives--Carl Ruggles--Nicolas Slonimsky‘s Studies in Black and White--Schoenberg in L.A.--Ruth Crawford-- Charles Seeger--Ives: A Symphony-Holidays, Fourth Symphony, The Fourth of July--Roy Harris--Otto Luening and electronic composition--Walter Piston-- Wallingford Riegger--astrology--Rudhyar--concert for eightieth birthday--unusual piano music--Ives in ‘28, '29--illness--1930 retirement--list of manuscripts, proofs--Ernst Krenek--Perlis’s class: “American Musical Innovators”--Ruggles--Bill Brooks--Ives Collection--work on Fourth Symphonv--files in Ives Collection: Slonimsky, Cowell, Aaron Copland--Yale University Music Library--Carl Ruggles engraving--Sun Treader--Adolph Weiss--rest home-- violist, flutist--Roy Green--conversation with Ives--Leopold Auer.