Yale University Library


OHAM: Nicolas Slonimsky on Ives


Nicolas Slonimsky

With Vivian Perlis

January 29, 1969

New York, NY




Cassette Side a:                                                                                            pg.1-12


Birth in Russia--move to America--work in America--having his music published by Cowell--Studies in Black and White--Charles Ives--world premiere of Ives' Three Places in New England conducted by Slonimsky--other premieres--world premiere of Ionisation of Varèse--extraordinary cast for Ionisation--instrumentation of Ionisation--polyrhythms in Ives and new method of conducting--publication of Three Places in New England--Ives' unwillingness to compromise on details in the score--Ives financing of his own concerts--other concerts in New York--Ives' friends--recording Washington's Birthday--orchestrating songs--Ives' sense of humor--politics.

Cassette Side b:                                                                                           pg. 12-20


Ives' diabetes--Ives correspondence--Ives not influenced by other modern music--Beethoven's Fifth--Ives' marginal notes on his scores--Ives stops composing--Three Places in New England--recognition of Ives Music--politics--transcendentalists.