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OHAM: Access


Use of OHAM Materials

OHAM's aim is to make as much material available to as many users as possible. We are (as all oral history projects) bound by certain restrictions. The law in the United States regarding ownership and use of the spoken word gives all rights to the speaker, not the institution or individual who may own the physical property. Therefore, OHAM is concerned with rights and permissions which vary from one individual to another. Moreover, as an adjunct of the Yale University Library, OHAM is governed by the Library's regulations concerning use and accessibility.

Researchers wishing to access materials on-site are encouraged to make an appointment prior to visiting and are required to sign and submit OHAM's Permission to Examine form.

Acquisition of Transcripts

All of OHAM's recorded interviews are transcribed (except acquired interviews). They can be listened to or read in our offices. If permissions allow, transcripts may be purchased and mailed; audio is not released except under special circumstances. A table of contents is prepared to assist the user in determining the content of each memoir. A user may request these in advance, free of charge.

Researchers wishing to purchase transcripts and are required to sign and submit OHAM's User Acquisition Agreement. Users are encouraged to contact us before submitting a request in order to obtain all pertinent information about the desired material.

Location and Hours

OHAM is open Monday-Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We are located at 310 Prospect St., near the intersection of Prospect St. and Edwards St.

We can be reached at oham@yale.edu or by calling (203) 432-1988.

Permission forms can be mailed to us at:

Oral History of American Music
Yale University
PO Box 208307
New Haven, CT 06520-8307

or faxed to (203) 432-1989