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The Paul Hindemith Project is about the celebrated German composer, who fled from Germany to the United States during World War II. Seventy-five interviews with students, performers, colleagues, and friends of Hindemith serve as the prototype for studies of the émigré composer. As with the Ives series, the Hindemith oral history adds a dimension to the Hindemith Collection of papers and manuscripts at the Yale Music Library.


Samuel Adler
Marshall Bartholomew
Mrs. Phyllis Bauer
Howard Boatwright
Sam di Bonaventura
Martin Boykan
Mrs. Frank Bozyan
Rev. and Mrs. R. Calhoun
Beekman Cannon
John Colman
John Crosby
Donald Currier
Ward Davenny
Norman Dello Joio
Isabel De Witt
Leonard Doob
Antal Dorati
Leonard Feist
Lukas Foss
Richard French
Herbert Fromm
Thomas Frost
Margaret Grubb
Mr. and Mrs. E. Grumman
Mrs. Arthur Hague
Margaret Grady Hart

Fenno Heath
Louis Hemingway
Robert Hickok
Joseph Iadone
George Jacobson
Henry Kaufmann
Ulysses Kay
Ralph Kirkpatrick
David Kraehenbuehl
Mitch Leigh
Maurice Levine
Frank Lewin
Goddard Lieberson
Klaus Liepmann
Don Loach
George London
Mrs. John Lowe
Mrs. Jean Mainous
Mason Martens
Paul Maynard
Arthur Mendel
Carl Miller
Jean Myer
Luther Noss
Osea Noss
Eva J. O'Meara
Aldo Parisot
Norman Pearson
Henri Peyre
Paul Pisk
Mel Powell
Mrs. Gustave Reese
Hermann Reutter
Eckhart Richter
Hugh Ross
Willie Ruff
Edmund Saranec
Karl Ulrich Schnabel
Ruth Seckel
Harold Shapero
Robert Shaw
Bruce and Rosalind Simonds
Kurt Stone
John Strauss
William Waite
Keith Wilson
Margaret Wimsatt
John Woldt
Yehudi Wyner