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The Ives Project was the first documentary oral history of an American composer. Interviews with sixty people who knew and worked with Charles Ives were conducted between 1968 and 1971, and this unit was the impetus for the founding of Oral History, American Music. Family, friends, neighbors, business associates, and musicians reminisce about one of the most significant artistic figures of the century. Some of the musicians are: Arthur Berger, Elliott Carter, Lehman Engel, Lou Harrison, Bernard Herrmann, John Kirkpatrick, Goddard Lieberson, Darius Milhaud, Jerome Moross, Dane Rudhyar, Carl Ruggles, Charles Seeger, and Nicolas Slonimsky. Charles Ives Remembered: An Oral History (Yale, 1974; Norton paperback, 1978) received the Kinkeldey Prize from the American Musicological Society in 1975. Excerpts from the taped interviews were used in a five record package, "Charles Ives 100th Anniversary" (1974) and in a film documentary, "A Good Dissonance Like a Man" (1977).


John Luther Adams
Eugene Becker
Mrs. John Becker
Mary Bell
Arthur Berger
Mrs. Samuel Berneri
Anthony Braxton
Martin Bresnick
Lewis Bronson
Charles Buesing
Elliott Carter
Aaron Copland
Lehman Engel
Charles Farr
James Flexner
Peter Fraser
William Grey
Arthur Hall
Lou Harrison
Harold A. Hatch
Bernard Herrmann
George Hofmann
Bigelow Ives
Brewster Ives
Chester Ives
Richard Ives
Charles H. Kauffman
John Kirkpatrick
Ron Kuivila
Herman Langinger
A.J. ("Babe") La Pine
Monique Schmitz Leduc
Goddard Lieberson
Findlay MacKenzie
Debby Meeker
Darius Milhaud
Jerome Moross
Julian S. Myrick
Mrs. Artur Nikoloric
Mary Howard Pickhardt
George Roberts
Mrs. George Roberts
Dane Rudhyar
Carl Ruggles
Ely Ryder
Will Ryder
Gertrude Sanford
Charles Seeger
Clara Sipprell
Nicolas Slonimsky
W. Eugene Smith
Philip Sunderland
John S. Thompson
Mrs. Burton Twichell
Charles Ives Tyler
George G. Tyler
Louis Untermeyer
Mrs. Rodman S. Valentine
Amelia Van Wyck
Mrs. William Verplanck
William Verplanck, Jr.
Lucille Fletcher Wallop
Watson Washburn
Julia Zeigler