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OHAM: Scott Wheeler




Scott Wheeler

with Vivian Perlis

Lenox, Massachusetts

July 31, 1992


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Side a                                                                                                 pp. 1-18

Performance of trio at Tanglewood--daughter with diabetes--thoughts on modern technology--family background--childhood years--early musical experience--interest in pop and jazz--college years at Amherst--piano with Monica Jaruc--composition with Lewis Spratlan and Donald Wheelock--Lenny Tristano--parental support--the “baby boomer” generation--graduate studies at NEC, Malcolm Peyton--at Brandeis with Arthur Berger, Harold Shapero--Sessions dissertation--early works--close relationship with Virgil Thomson--studies with Peter Maxwell Davies--A Postcard Overture--Pocket Concerto--Northern Lights, Symphony in Three Movements--The Construction of Boston  for the John Oliver Chorale--interest in opera, Broadway musicals--writings for Fanfare  Magazine  and The Boston Phoenix--life in Boston