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Conservation Services: General Collections Conservation (GCC)

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General Collections Conservation (GCC)

General Collections Conservation (GCC) is one branch of Conservation Services available from the Preservation Department.  GCC provides preservation and conservation services for the Library's open stack and circulating collections through a program of physical treatments.   Library materials are repaired in accordance with conservation principles acknowledged to be sound practice for circulating collections.  General Collections Conservation's practices fit along a continuum of treatment with both simpler and more intensive conservation treatments.   

To send collection items to GCC, please follow these instructions.

Once received, all materials are assessed.  If treatment is the best option, the GCC Conservation Assistants will specify the treatment protocols and organize the materials by the general treatment type and then by date received.  All materials are tracked using pseudo patrons.  Materials can be recalled from GCC if needed and the required treatments will be rushed whenever possible.  For questions regarding items in GCC’s workflows, please contact the unit staff at 2-8739.  For all other inquiries, please contact the Chief Conservator, Christine McCarthy.

Typical treatments carried out in GCC include:

  • Tipping in publisher’s corrections and additions
  • Opening uncut pages
  • Replacing missing pages
  • Mending tears
  • Repairing bindings (Rebacking or Hinge Tightening)
  • Rebinding (Recasing)

Following treatment, some materials are routed, as appropriate, for mass deacidification before being sent on for labeling and shelving.

Materials for which treatment is not the best option or cannot be accomplished are searched and reviewed for reformatting consideration and/or boxing.  For questions about the review and assessment process, contact the Field Services Librarian, Tara Kennedy.  For inquiries related to reformatting decisions, contact the Interim Head of DRVS, Roberta Pilette.